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Kindergarten Memory Book

The end of the school year is a very special time in Kindergarten. We celebrate growing up from dependency to independence. We have worked so hard to learn all there is to know about our ABC’s and 123’s. We’ve made friends, followed directions, played and become independent learners. Our lives have changed for the better and we want to document it!

One of my favorite end of year activities is our kindergarten memory book! I missed doing this with my kiddos last year and it was really difficult not to have all of their memories in one place for parents to treasure. Here we get to showcase all of what makes kindergarten special. From drawing, writing, pictures, artwork and academics we can share it all in just one book!

I have put together a memory book file that is sure to help you create a keepsake for both parents and kiddos. Do as many or as few pages as you wish depending on your class and available time. Add photos, artwork, writing samples, really anything you think will make the book special from your class. Here is how I use this Memory Book file work for my class:

Print desired cover: I like to do this on cardstock then color, watercolor or add photo and laminate.

Print inner pages: I like to put the self-portrait page first followed by My Family, My School, My Teacher etc. then I add my friends pages and academic pages.

Print handprint page: I like to paint the handprint but you could also trace and decorate the handprint instead.

Additions: Choose special papers from throughout the year to include in the book. This year we did a directed drawing of a graduate to include in our book, they turned out awesome!

Personal Note: Write a special note to each student including heartfelt sentiments, special memories and funny moments.

Back Cover: I like to back my memory books with a piece of cardstock and use the inside like a scrapbook page. I use their cubby label as the center decoration and fill in the rest of the page with pictures of the child, then I laminate it.

Bind: I put my pages in order and bind, this year I used a 3 hole punch and binder rings but I have also used a binding machine in the past that has worked out well.

Wrap: I like to have my kiddos wrap their book to give to their parents on the last day of school.

It is always so amazing to see the kiddos look through their books, sign autographs and share with their parents. There are quite a few tears shed from the Mom’s each year and I know all of the hard work that went into these books is well worth it! These kindergarten keepsake books will be cherished forever!

Included in the file are all the pages you see here and plenty more! There are pages and covers specifically for kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade.

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